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Urbex is an urban exploration technique in which the goal is to explore abandoned cities, gaining access either through social engineering, lock-picking, or stealth.

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Explore Abandoned & Lost Places Around Europe ⚜︎

Records of abandoned and lost places exist in locations all around Europe. Get an introduction to the different urbex locations and reading about their history.

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ⛔

Photographing abandoned buildings and sites can be a great way to explore and escape the everyday. The author shares personal stories and images of abandoned buildings while also exploring the personal and professional impacts of his work.

Explore unexplored areas of Europe

Discover the stories behind the abandoned buildings, lost cities and forgotten shores.

⛔ Exploring abandoned and lost places in Europe ⛔

Share photos and stories about traveling to abandoned places all over the world as your friends and family as well as prospective customers.

from nazism to russian conspiracy ★★★★★

Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe.

How to find the best abandoned places ★★★☆☆

Explore abandoned, abandoned bunkers, and more in these awesome exploration inspired photo series.

Europe Abandoned Places

The Official Website for abandoned buildings, bunkers, deep underground locations, the best horror movies ever put on screen, and other frightening topics.

explore abandoned places with urbex ★★★★★

A fidget spinner that can also snap photos of the Abandoned Places you go to. Best of all, it will lower penalties for taking photos of graffiti you find.

View the history of this amazing places ★★★★☆

Want to experience the lost cities of our world? We take you on journeys into the abandoned cities of Europe, Asia, North America, and more! We're fascinated by the old, the forgotten, the abandoned, the decaying, the crumbling, the dilapidated, the crumbling. Join us in exploring forgotten places with Abandoned NYC, the leading stop for the best abandoned places in New York City.

Explore old and lost buildings of Europe

On the channel you will find traveler's exploration stories of abandoned places in both abandoned cities in America and all around the world. We also document remote, organized, organized, and planned explorations of abandoned places in America. Urban explorers are our specialty!.

Abandoned Places - A Look Inside Abandoned Places

Urban exploration is going into abandoned ruins or hidden areas of a manmade environment.

Abandoned Places, Urban Exploration ★★★★☆

Abandoned Places is a top rated YouTube channel of educational less-traveled places that are worth seeing. We are adventures that will seduce you with our stories that are all-too-often overlooked. Our videos are the best guides for exploring new places.".

View the best urbex locations

Take a look at the intriguing destinations that are found around the world, some of them still inhabited, some not. Traveling to abandoned towns is an adventure in exploring the remnants of the past.

Urban explorers often explore abandoned places. ⛔

If you love history, you love exploring abandoned spots. Urban exploration can take you anywhere from abandoned buildings, to mine shafts and even secret passageways.

Explore the mysteries in Europe ★★★☆☆

Sony Virtual Reality Headset to let people explore abandoned architecture in virtual reality.

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Abandoned Places / Urban Exploration are spaces that are irredeemable for human life, where life ceases to exist. They often are the back drop for post-apocalyptic settings.

Photographically documenting abandoned places

Infographic: Abandoned Photos and Urban Exploration.

Read about and explore Europe's history ★★★★☆

Tired of haunted houses and ghost stories? Always wanted to explore an abandoned building, refugee camp, and wild west gunfight town hall? Now you can.


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Hi there, you've been tagged as a Urban Explorer. We love seeing these changes from those of us common folk. To give you a little history on the term, Urban Exploration is a subculture of explorers who explore abandoned or under-developed places, often to extract historical or cultural artifacts. More information on this may be found on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Thanks for your interest in exploring abandoned asylums and military sites across the UK and Europe. We provide a range of service packages, find them at the individual location descriptions listed here. A few of our favourites include:


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